The Art Of Sara Shakeel

by - March 04, 2019

Sara Shakeel loves crystals and transform photos into beautiful shiny artworks. Her collages imagine a world dusted in glitter at absolutely everything. She's one of these new wave artists, one of the Insta age and it's fair to say she's become somewhat of a digi art sensation. Her artistic abilities are on display on her self-titled Instagram feed, which has more than 700,000 followers. For this Pakistani dentist-turned-artist, there's no better to communicate these via the use of shiny, bright and alluring crystals... Just gorgeous, I love her work! 

"My art is either a story I want to live for myself, something I have witnessed or a life I WANT to live, emotions play a major part in my work. I am in a habit of giving my heart to any piece I create." 
Sara Shakeel, Forbes