Two Fabulous Closets

These elegant spaces have cush seating, swank chandeliers, and Type-A organization. Did we mention room for shoes?

Closet by Lisa Adams
Lisa Adams chose a custom-designed drop-glass chandelier for this space.
She measures every shoe and boot, then sizes the shelf heights to fit.
“Store jewelry in locked drawers for security,” Adams says. 
“Outfit them with custom inserts to prevent pieces from getting tangled.”
A crystal chandelier and a Lucite chair amp up the glam in this closet by designer Gray Walker. 

Leave your cherished personal jewelry pieces in the care of vintage ceramic dishes.
“A curvy, elegant mirror at the vanity and good makeup brushes make it a luxurious time.”
It can be your own little shrine, decorated with pieces that are nostalgic and remind you of childhood.
Images:Traditional Home

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