Sweet Lemon Recipes

Lemon desserts are really popular to finish your meal with a refreshing citrus hit. Try the perfect lemon pie recipe or one of our sweet lemon tart ideas.

You only need three ingredients to make this smart dinner party dessert.
Limoncello is a lemon based Italian liqueur.
Lemon Cheesecake with Vanilla
Rich and creamy, with lemon and vanilla flavoured filling this
 is designed to impress your friends and family. 
These zesty little sponge puddings are packed with flavours of lemon and lime.
These sweet canap├ęs will get everyone talking. 
Lemon Layer Cake
A showstopping, lemony sponge cake with a delicious lemon curd icing
 and beautiful edible crystallised violets and primroses on top.
We've taken these crumpets and given them a zingy makeover.
 Drenched in lemon and sugar they are great with your afternoon tea.

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